Mayfair Civic Association Needs You!

Are you:

  • A concerned citizen interested in improving your neighborhood?
  • A parent who wants the best for your children?
  • Curious about new developments in your area?

The Mayfair Civic Association, established in 1945 to serve the needs of Mayfair residents, is looking for new members. We have been instrumental in improving our neighborhood — from traffic patterns to police protection to zoning and development. We maintain several community gardens and sponsor regular clean-up campaigns. We host speakers who address your interests. And we provide a welcoming environment where you can meet and exchange ideas with your neighbors at monthly meetings.

Please join us!

Member Dues: $10 per houshold ($6 senior citizen).
Valid for one year.

To pay with Paypal:

Membership Options

Or, send a check made out to “MCA Membership”:

Darlene McDermott/MCA
4739 N Kelso Ave
Chicago, IL 60630

If you wish to place an ad in our Newsletter, contact:
Carol Kroskey at


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